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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why the blog?

I feel so alone in this. I get so frustrated when I go grocery shopping, having to scrutinize every label. By the end of the trip I'm usually exasperated, putting things back on the shelf a little harder than I normally would because the disappointment of seeing ingredients that he can't have or that I'm unsure of (citric acid is a biggie because it's in a TON of stuff and may-or-may-not-be corn derived) is exhausting.

My mother continually says "why don't you blog about it, so you can share what you've found is safe and different recipes that you use; before it becomes overwhelming and you forget stuff and what it was like for you in the beginning". Yes, she does always boss me around like that ;)

So, here I am. I hope I can be of some help. I'll tell you- corn is our worst enemy. It is in (it sometimes seems) everything. Even stuff you'd never dream of (did you know the wax they use on fruit and vegetables is often corn based? yeah, me neither). With soy and milk being part of the "big 8" allergens, they are listed as a warning if they're in a product. Since corn isn't part of the big 8, you're pretty much on your own as far as figuring out if it's hidden somewhere in your food.

One blog that I've found extremely useful is I love the list here, it is a great jumping off point. Like she states, not everything on the list is for sure from corn. One day, maybe another family will be linking here and saying how much I've been able to help them.

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