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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder if all of this food obsession is worth the trouble. I mean, the soy is the only one that he's ever had a "real" reaction to. Maybe it's all in our heads.

I decided to do a blind test. Remember when I made the pretzels? I melted some Olivio coconut spread and also some butter. I put butter on everything but let everyone think that I had put Olivio on a batch that were just for Mr. Intolerance. Things were a bit hairy that night, but nothing too out of the ordinary......the Mr. had been gone showing the rental house, and things always get a bit crazy when he gets home because the kids are so excited to see him.

The next day, I went out shopping with the girls and my mother and left the boys at home. By the time we got back, my son was already in bed and not much was said. Then came Monday. Oh what a day. A day straight from the days before we knew of the intolerances. I said something to the Mr., and he said "Oh yeah, he was like that while you were shopping, I just forgot to mention it."

It's like he has zero impulse control. He can't stay focused on anything to save his life- he can't stop himself long enough to consider whether something is a good or a bad idea. Fling a pair of underwear at sister's head? Sure! Push her down because she made me angry? It's only fair! Go outside without asking? Done!

If he were in school (he's homeschooled) and on a regular diet, I can guarantee that he would be referred to be tested for ADHD. I have no doubt that this ADHD that is just controlled by diet. Obviously it's possible to do, but most parents don't have time/resources/knowledge/whatever to do so and instead go the medication route.

Milk takes a week or two to leave the body, so we're hunkering down and praying that this is over sooner than later and I get my son back.  The good news? We have reaffirmed that this is worth it. Totally and 100%.

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