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Friday, April 6, 2012

Breyer's (Unilever)

I'm seething right now. My kid has a 104 fever and my mom wanted to get him some popsicles. We called Breyer's about their All Natural Fruit Bars, which list citric acid and natural flavors in the ingredients (both of these *can* contain corn but it isn't a guarantee). They won't tell us. It's "proprietary information". I am not even kidding you, I can't make this stuff up. Since it isn't one of the main ingredients, it isn't required by the FDA to give that information out. We asked if they would give that information out out of niceness, since I have a sick kid with a corn allergy; and she said that if we get a doctor's note stating that he has a corn allergy, they'll tell us.

So......while it isn't going to help him today since it's Good Friday and the chiropractor isn't in the office to write a note, you can bet that I won't let the issue die until I find out.... and then I'll blab it all over the internets.

Breyer's and Unilever can suck an Easter egg.

FYI Edy's has corn syrup in most of their fruit bars. The one I saw that didn't have corn syrup was strawberry, and that has citric acid, natural flavors and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). We'll be calling when they open; but they're in California so 3 hours behind us.