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Saturday, February 11, 2012

King Arthur Brand

King Arthur Brand flours are good to go. They do have malted barley flour in them, but I was told by the company that it not corn derived. I was so happy to hear this, as I love me some King Arthur's always fun to not have to change:)

That said, the son-son and I had a pretzel baking night. We tried 3 different recipes, figuring that at least one would come out edible. It turns out that we LOVED all three and will be adding them to our recipe collection. We used some melted Olivio Coconut Spread brushed on the tops, and King Arthur flour.

When a recipe calls for oil, I usually use coconut oil when possible. In these recipes, it was used to oil the counter. Normally I'd use olive oil, but figured that was too strong of a flavor for this and so I used canola oil. I'm still unsure of canola oil as I've heard things about how it isn't good for health reasons; but I'm not completely convinced. I just use it sparingly and as a last resort. Word to the wise- "vegetable" oil is most often corn or soybean oil.

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  1. I'm with on King Arthur! So happy to hear they're corn-free, the company is super.
    And canola... I have ignored any concerns when getting rid of all the other oils. We'd be too dang skinny and healthy!